How to Fix the Gas Burner on a Gas Range

A stove is an enclosed heated space in which fuel is burned to provide heating. Having a broken range is an unpleasant experience. Before calling a professional to repair burners on your stove that doesn’t light, try to solve the problem yourself as it is very quick and easy. Pasadena Appliance Repair created a guide that will inform you how to fix the gas burner on a gas range that won’t light.

Before working on your range do not forget to unplug it!

There are two types of gas ranges – the standard gas range and the sealed burner range.

· Clean the pilot or igniter

Most of the burner problems will be solved after cleaning the pilot or igniter. To get at the ignition system, you need to lift the lid of your stove, however, stoves with sealed burners don’t have tops that lift.

· Clean the burner assembly

For cleaning the burner assembly you’ll need a small diameter brush.
If you have sealed burners, you can clean only the burner ports as the other parts are sealed so they won’t get clogged.

Required Tools for these Repairs are:

4-in-1 screwdriver
Small tube brush
Old toothbrush
Small screwdriver

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