Main Reasons A Washer Will Not Start

Washing machine is a great addition to any home. Nowadays people’s lives have become so busy that they have no time for washing clothes by hand. That is why a washer is a necessity in daily life. It saves our time, as you can simply load your clothes in the washer, start the cycle and walk away. This machine makes our life more comfortable but having a broken washer is real trouble. Pasadena Appliance Repair presents the main reasons a washer will not start.

Washer is not plugged in

If your machine will not start first of all make sure the washer is plugged in.

Door switch is faulty

If the door switch isn’t closed and the door is not locked the washer won’t start.

Lid switch is faulty

The switch which is a safety device is the main control for the washing machine. It is located inside the lid. If the switch doesn’t work for some reason, your washer will not start.


If you’ve run several loads, one after another, your washer can be overheated. That can be a reason your machine will not start.

Drive motor

Top and front load washers use a motor that is responsible for spinning and agitating during the cleaning cycle. If the motor will not turn on it may be faulty.

If you need washer repair Pasadena Appliance Repair is the best option you have. There are many different things that could cause a problem with your washer. No matter what’s causing the issue the professional and knowledgeable technicians at our service can fix every washer problem.

Our work and labor are guaranteed. You will be 100% pleased with our work. Appliance Repair in Pasadena CA will make your washer last longer.